Masterpac light duty single drum vibratory roller SVR58 for better compaction results. This light all-round model stands out with easy handling in confined spaces. Ideal whenever manoeuvrability and easy transport are key factors. The pioneer in its class. We support OEM/ODM customization.

  • Engine Type: Robin EX17, Honda GX160
  • Power kw(hp): 2.9(4.0)/3.6(4.9)
  • Weight kg(lb): 185(408)
  • Drum Diameter mm(in): 580×ф400(23×ф16)
  • Centrifugal Force kN: 10
  • Static Linear Force N/cm: 28.5
  • Vibration Frequency vpm(Hz): 4560(76)
  • Travel Speed m/min(ft/min): 0-50
  • Water tank capacity L(US gal): 15(3.96)


Masterpac single drum roller is lightweight and maneuverable for compaction of granular and asphalt applications, ideally suited to smaller repair and maintenance jobs such as footpath, bridges, patching, landscaping applications.

Single-drum vibratory rollers and soil compactors work to compact subsoils and material such as asphalt. The roller is a steel cylinder that vibrates to eliminate the gaps between the small materials in the soil, aggregate, or asphalt.


  • Hydraulic system provides variable working speed
  • DEADMAN CONTROL and REVERSING PROTECTION for maximum operator safety.
  • Easy reach controls for operator comfort.
  • Ergonomically designed height-adjustable handle for operator comfort and sim plified transport.
  • Self-cleaning scrapers prevent the buildup of dirt.
  • Beveled drum edge eliminates markings on surface.
  • SIDE and CURB CLEARANCE allow for the closest approach to pavement, wall, curb and other obstacle.
  • Compact design for easy handling in confined areas.
  • Thick drum shells for longer drum life.
  • Large corrosion-free water tank feature in easily removable for filling or cleaning.
  • Built-in cooling fan is designed for longer life and continuous operation.


Model SVR58H SVR58R
Engine Type Honda GX160 Robin EX17
Power kw(hp) 3.6(4.9) 2.9(4.0)
Weight kg(lb) 185(408)
Drum Diameter mm(in) 580×ф400(23×ф16)
Centrifugal force kN 10
Static Linear Force N/cm 28.5
Frequency kw vpm(Hz) 4560(76)
Travel Speed m/min 0-50
Water tank capacity L(US gal) 15(3.96)

* We reserve the right to improve or withdraw the specification or product without prior notice.