Articulated tandem roller PDR90: Superior technology. Optimal compaction. Asphalt compaction with MASTERPAC expertise. You build the best roads so we can move forward faster, and to ensure you can move faster, we build the best machines. Trust our engineers'expertise and the strength of our sales and service network. Trust in MASTERPAC quality. At MASTERPAC we focus on one goal: improving your productivity.

  • Engine Type: Honda GX690, UBOTA D902
  • Power kw(hp): 15.5(21.1)/18.5(25.2)
  • Weight kg(lb): 1529/1575
  • Drum Diameter mm(in): 560/22
  • Centrifugal Force kN: 18/per drum
  • Static Linear Force N/cm: 83 (Front wheel)
  • Vibration Frequency vpm(Hz): 60Hz
  • Water tank capacity L(US gal): 100 / 26.4


Masterpac PDR90H Articulated Tandem roller is suitable for compaction of asphalt, compaction of non-cohesive and cohesive soil and compaction of stabilized soils. It is used primarily for small-scale compaction work such as pavements, cycle paths, small roads and small parking areas- places that need co mpaction but are difficult to reach with a larger roller.


  • Articulated movement with power-assist provides accurate, positive steering control and increases maneuverability in confined job sites.
  • The hydraulic pump and motors are connected in series to offer the maximum traction and smooth rolling as well as excellent gradeability.
  • 40mm side clearance allows close operations near walls and obstructions.
  • Curb clearance 4 15mm insures flush compaction to the curb.
  • Unobstructed driver visibility-open uncluttered operator's platform allows clear views.
  • A spacious, vibration-damped operator platform and an ergonomically positioned step make the machine extremely operator-friendly.
  • Flip-open engine hood provides easy accessi bility to engine and components for daily maintenance and service.
  • Ergonomic layout and design of the operating controls: the Easy Drive steering wheel multifunctional control lever and com fortable armrests.
  • Large 100L water tan k is equipped with pressurized water system offers consistent water flow.


Model PDR90H PDR90K
Net Weight(Kgs/Lb) 1354/2985 1430/3153
Operating weight(Kgs/Lb) 1529/3371 1575/3472
Engine Type HONDA GX690 KUBOTA D902-E3B
Power kw(hp) 15.5(21.1) 18.5(25.2)
Drum width (mm/in) 900/35.4
Drum diameter (mm/in) 560/22
Number of vibrating drums 1/Front wheel 2/Front and rear wheels
Driving system Hydraulic
Number of driving drums 2/Front and rear wheels
Dynamic Centrifugal force per drum (kN) 18
Frequency (Hz) 60
Amplitude (mm/in) 0.5/0.02
Dynamic linear force 83N/CM (Front wheel)
Forward/reverse speed 0-8.7
Maximum gradeability 30%
Turning radius 2.3m(inside)
Steering angle ±30°
Hydraulic oil tank capacity(L/ US gal) 37 / 9.8
Water tank capacity(L/ US gal) 100 / 26.4
Fuel tank capacity (L/ US gal) 30 /7.9
Light 2(Front) ,2(Back),Warning lamp(Overhear)
Tracting device Front and rear
Side clearance (R/L) 40/40mm(R/L)
Curb clearance (R/L) 415/415(R/L)
Dimension (mm/In) 2019x994x2308(1730)/79x39x91(68)

* We reserve the right to improve or withdraw the specification or product without prior notice.