Masterpac Plate compactor with extra low Hand-Arm Vibrations(HAVs): Quality and performance on all small site operations. 3.6kw/4.9HP HONDA GX160 gasoline powered. OEM/ODM plate compactor manufacturers & suppliers, wholesale custom these compactors, we are the only choice.

  • Model: PCL4015
  • Engine Type: Honda GX160
  • Power kw(hp): 3.6(4.9)
  • Weight kg(lb): 74(163)
  • Plate Size L×W cm(in): 40×38(16×15)
  • Centrifugal Force kN: 14
  • Vibration Frequency vpm(Hz): 7560(126)
  • Travel Speed m/min(ft/min): 20(66)


Plate compactor with extra low Hand-Arm Vibrations(HAVs)

Never compromising on performance and productivity, Masterpac's new plate compactor PCL4015 is designed with extra low HAVs, making the operation safer, easier, and eventually longer. This plate is ideal to work on soil, asphalt and sub-base, as it maintains a high efficiency without exposing operators to excessive harmful havs.


  • A lightweight plate compactor with the advantages of a heavyweight.
  • High vibration frequency increases the productivity and compactness.
  • Extra low hand-arm vibration levels without additional weight.
  • Double mounted, mass plate anti-vibration system.
  • Cost effective design and manufacturing results in price competitive with standard machines.
  • Total engine protection frame.

Working Size(mm)




Model A B C D
PCL4015 953/38 956/38 575/23 400/16
Model PCL4015
Engine Type Honda GX160
Power kw(hp) 3.6(4.9)
Weight kg(lb) 74(163)
Plate Size L×W cm(in) 40×38(16×15)
Centrifugal Force kN 14
Vibration Frequency vpm(Hz) 7560(126)
Travel Speed m/min(ft/min) 20(66)