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Vibrating Screed
Surface Finishing Screed
Pendulum Concrete Vibrator
Submersible Pump(Flexible Shaft Pump)
Portable Eccentric Concrete Vibrator
Portable Petrol Conrete Vibrator
Edging Power Trowel
Walk-Behind Power Trowel
Ride-on Power Trowel





·Specially design,  hardened aluminum blade ensuring a smoother finish than

 conventional screeds.

·Heavy rubber mounts to reduce the vibration level on the handle.

·Adjustable handle in height,  vertical & horizontal position (optional).

·The rounded ends of the blade make it easy to go around obstacles.

·The tilt-up stand keeps the engine out of concrete or off the ground when

 not in use.

·One piece casting body easy connect to engine.

·Emergency stop switch available.

·7 different working widths: 4ft/1.2m,  6ft/1.8m,  8ft/2.4m,  10ft/3.0m,  12ft/3.7m,

 14ft/4.3m,  16ft/4.9m.

·Easily changed blades.




Model Power kw Weight kg
PCDH 1.2 12.7
PCDR 1.2 12.9



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