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Product > Compaction > Hydraulic Reversible Plate Compactor 275kg-500kg
Tamping Rammer
Forward Plate Compactor 50kg-60kg
Forward Plate Compactor 80kg-130kg
Hydraulic Reversible Plate Compactor 110kg-190kg
Hydraulic Reversible Plate Compactor 275kg-500kg
Single Drum Vibratory Roller
Semi Hydraulic Double Drum Vibratory Roller
Hydraulic Double Drum Vibratory Roller






·Hydraulic adjustment control lever for easy direction change.

·User friendly isolated vibration handles.

·Fully sealed lubricated wear resistant Cast iron vibrator assembly.

·On the spot compaction for problem areas.

·Handles Folds to 9o degree position for ease of transportation.

·Infinitely variable hydrostic forward and reverse motion

·Reverse travel safety protection ensure the plate automatically reverts to

   slow forward travel if the operator releases the travel control lever while reversing.

·Impact – resistant and open self cleaning base plate.

·Convenience Oil drain hose.

·Robust design sealed belt cover for clutch and belt protection.

·Heavy-duty roll cage with lifting eye protect against dirt and damaging and for

   easy operation.

·Electric start option for Lombardini diesel engine.




 Working Size(mm)







Model   A   B   C   D
PCR6040 Series   1540   1047   900   600
PCR6550 Series   1540   1047   900   655
PCR7060 Series   1585   1040   900   708




Model Weight kg Plate size L×W cm Centrifugal Force kN
PCR6037H 275 80x60 37
PCR6037A 290 80x60 37
PCR6040H 355 90×60 40
PCR6040L 375 90×60 40
PCR6040A 378 90×60 40
PCR6550H 396 90×65 50
PCR6550L 410 90×65 50
PCR6550A 413 90×65 50
PCR7060L 465 90×70 60
PCR7060A 465 90×70 60



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