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Forward Plate Compactor 50kg-60kg
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Masterpac PC Series Forward Plate Compactors

Masterpac’s PC Series forward plate compactors are ideal for all general applications – curbs, gutters, around tanks, forms, columns, footings, landscaping, paving blocks, drainage ditches and light to medium road repair work. The PC Series offers a 12-in. plate (PC3008), a 14-in. plate (PC3610), a 16-in. 


- 5.5 hp Honda GX100 and GX160 engines provide high centrifugal force and travel speed;

- Foldable handle for easy transportation and storage;

- Sealed belt cover for clutch and belt protection;

- Removable anti-vibration handle for operator comfort and ease of transportation;

- Sturdy protected throttle lever;

- Cast iron lubricated wear resistant vibrator assembly;

- Solid engine frame with lifting eye protects engine against dirt and damage and for easy transportation;

- Self-cleaning open base plate;




·T-Water tank for asphalt compaction

·M-Rubber mat for pavement

·W-transport wheel for easy transport



 Working Size(mm)







Model   A   B   C   D
PC3008 Series   1000   890   450   300
PC3610 Series   1000   890   490   300




Model Weight kg Plate Size L×W cm Centrifugal Force kN
PC3008H 53 45×30 8
PC3008R 53 45×30 8
PC3610H 62 49×36 10
PC3610R 62 49×36 10



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