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Guiding Principle






Integrity is our main Principle


Customer – orientated

We recognize culture diversity existing in different nations. Our focus is to provide the correct machinery applications and the right service to satisfy demand to our wide spread customer base. MASTERPAC- goals is to "Endeavour to create the best value for customers".



Is an important criteria in our operation as we carefully monitor and evaluate all product design, component purchasing, product manufacturing, customer training, warranty administration, and customer service is all to our high standards.



Our flexible management team at MASTERPAC responds quickly to our ever changing market and is tuned to satisfy customer demand.



We are constantly researching and evaluating new products that will strive to satisfy new markets and deliver the edge over our competition.













R&D, Production, QC


Masterpac's commitment to our customer base is to create value for money and each new product project undertaken is primarily driven to provide significant progress in terms of improved productivity, reduced maintenance, long life, enhanced user safety operation. MASTERPAC products are designed and built to extend product life expectations.







Quality Control


Throughout the product development cycle MasterPac qualified engineers carefully monitor product performance and monitor customer concerns individually and record all findings for future reference for design improvements.


1)Secured ISO9001 certification, thus ensuring quality control during every production process.

2)MASTERPAC guarantees the quality of its own factory manufactured components for its final   

     products assembly

3)MASTERPAC –each product is bench tested prior to release






Sales and Service


We strive to please our customer's request based on a solid understanding and position for our customers needs by carrying out daily operations in an efficient manner. Our sale of a machine is not the closing of a deal but the opening of a partnership. We value our customers feedback and strive to meet their demand, with flexibility and efficient response;










At MASTERPAC, we strive for operational excellence which is the underlining foundation for quality and efficiency, with a focus on standardized procedures, excellent customer service. Our services extend beyond supplying products – we have developed an extensive network of added value and services from inventory management, training and procurement options. This results to our products offering.

• Sheduled on time availability
• Accurate and efficient order processing
• Quick Response
• Reduced order cycle time
• Standardized process control
•  Prompt parts supply

Well-Tailored MASPART TM parts software system offers easy access and quick ordering of machine parts.








Manufacturer Of Light Construction Equipment & Component


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